Toowoomba Document Storage



Ever needed a document urgently, but can’t find it?

Managing the intricacy of company records storage while empowering your business to make correct decisions and meet compliance demands starts today with INFOstor by Taylors.

Take the headache out of managing confidential information, files and records with INFOstor by Taylors, the award winning total records management solution.

As a business expands, document and records management becomes more important for efficient workflow and productivity.

We have a professional team dedicated to developing a relationship with your business, INFOstor by Taylor’s has the requisite experience to ensure you will be provided with the highest level of support for your records management and information storage services requirements.

We also believe that a partnership is an ongoing process - not just a one-off engagement. So it's our responsibility to update our services and products continuously, so you can concentrate on your core business requirements while we manage your confidential documents securely.

Our team is knowledgeable, experienced and responsive. Their single-minded focus is servicing your records storage and management requirements cost effectively, safely and securely.

Our records storage and management solutions track multiple types of data including traditional storage boxes, file folders, documents and tapes; from deposit to destruction, work order to invoice.

The tracking solution utilises the barcode technology tracking system.

Barcoded files or our very high quality archive boxes that hold approximately 25 files are stored at a secure, purpose-built facility in Toowoomba fitted with infra-red beam for the latest in fire detection.

Storage off-site from your business frees up office space for staff and clients and provides confidence and business continuance in the event of an office fire or theft. Offsite storage is an important factor in any business' disaster recovery plan.

Offsite storage is an important factor in any business' disaster recover plan.

Company records are important business assets and need to be securely protected in an environment of increasing litigation, identity and intellectual property theft.

INFOstor collects and delivers your documents, allowing continued access to company or client records for maximum convenience.

And it’s not only documents that can be stored, INFOstor by Taylors has capability to securely safeguard company data and digital files.

Retrieval Retrieval

There are six document/file retrieval service options available, dependant on your business location and how urgently the information is required:

1. Urgent Within 60 minutes
2. Same Day Request by 11am, delivered by 3pm
3. Next Day  
4. Same Week  
5. Next Week Seven days
6. At A Date Specified                                                                         More than seven days                                                                                

To request information in files or boxes, INFOstor clients receive a “retrieval request” form that specifies:

checklist icon the retrieval service required
Checklist box and file code numbers
Checklist other INFOstor services required

This form is easily accessible and is emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Click here to download a PDF of the Retrieval Request Form

Delivery Delivery

We deliver and collect files and boxes, allowing your staff to focus on their core responsibilities and reducing costs associated with transportation, office storage space and staff resources.

Barcodes Barcode Technology

The INFOstor system is governed by a barcoding system. All boxes that enter the INFOstor system are barcoded, scanned and processed. The barcording technology applied to each archive box, and if required to each file, creates a chain of custody; thereby ensuring accurate, efficient and streamlined access to all documents.

This process also enhances the client's anonymity. The barcoding system allows the archive boxes to be stored randomly, creating anonymity in the storage facility.

Catalogue Cataloguing Service

Staff short of time to sort and catalogue information? INFOstor by Taylors offers a cataloguing service to assist.

Reports Reports

Reports recording services used are issued every six months at January and July.