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Toowoomba scanning and document management systems

SCANNING and document management systemS

Perhaps you need to offset a cost centre and repurpose departmental resources. Maybe you want to outsource a daily business transaction or activity or offload a complete business function or a combination thereof.

Whatever your requirements, INFOstor by Taylors offers end-to-end digital imaging solutions that can be tailored, packaged and targeted for various business operations like contract management, insurance claims, accounts payable and more.

INFOstor has built its business with the understanding that there is more to records management then simply document storage, retrieval and destruction. Through our Scanning Bureau service, our business is designed to:

Scanning Solutions accelerate the pace of your operations decision making and responsiveness,
Scanning Solutions reduce human error and operating costs while boosting productivity;
Scanning Solutions decreasing decision cycle times;
Scanning Solutions streamlining how content is shared and accessed throughout your organisation;
Scanning Solutions bringing accuracy, systematic control, consistency and standardisation throughout your business processes; and
Scanning Solutions most importantly enhancing the customer service experience